Making the Blackberry Brooch


Making the Blackberry Brooch


 Take the felt leaf shape and place the voile leaves on top, you many wish to use a pin to hold them together.  Thread the sewing needle with the green embroidery thread (the thicker of the 2) and knot the end.  Starting in between the layers to hide the knot make a couple of stitches to secure.  Bring the thread to the front at the base of the leaf and stitch a vein pattern either with running or back stitch.  Secure the end of the thread, hiding any knot between the layers.

or you can do this on a sewing machine.


Leave the leaf to one side while you make the blackberry.

 Thread the beading needle with the beading thread, make a knot in the end.  Take the felted bead and make a couple of stitches to secure.  Start stitching the seed beads onto the felted bead, covering most of the bead, but leaving an area clear which will be stitched to the leaf.


Take the blackberry and using the beading thread, sew it securely to the leaf with neat stitches.

Take the brooch back (pin), undo it and lay it on the back of the brooch where you want it to be (the weight of the brooch is where the blackberry is, so position the pin towards that end).

Starting at the blackberry end, over sew the end of the pin with about 3 stitches, taking the thread behind the pin, next over sew through the holes in the pin, and then taking the thread behind the pin again, over sew the other end of the pin.  Secure the thread with a knot and a couple of stitches.

Wear your brooch!

 Kits will be available on Etsy from Monday 14th December


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