textile exhibition inspired by the Derbyshire Landscape

Your invitation to a textile exhibition inspired by the Derbyshire Landscape
Cromford Mill, 12th- 17th June 2010

Local creative artists are offering the opportunity to see their inspirational work as well as experience demonstrations of unusual creative skills.

Joelle Harris and Pauline Fitzptrick have united to create what is set to be an interesting exhibition, taking place at Cromford Mill between Saturday 12th and Thursday 17th June 2009. The exhibition will explore colour and textiles, with some of the work on display being inspired by the Derbyshire landscape.

Joelle and Pauline share a love of crochet- but differ in their approaches. Joelle prefers using wire, creating eye catching and unique results whereas Pauline uses fibre, sometimes even spinning her own yarn.

Joelle wanders the beautiful Derbyshire countryside looking for inspiration, taking photographs of the flora and fauna, returning with her ideas back to her studio and creating unique embroidery, bags and jewellery; a range that is inspired by the seasons.

Pauline’s love of textiles has led her to become skilled in a wide range of techniques. From hand-spinning, pegloom weaving, freeform and bead crochet to locker-hooking and needle-felting, she creates original garments, hangings and accessories.

A full range of their work will be on display at the exhibition, from wall hangings to handmade jewellery and accessories. Commissions are also undertaken.

Both artists create unique jewellery using various techniques, which will be demonstrated during the week long exhibition.

During the weekend, Pauline and Joelle invite you to join them to create your own piece of jewellery. They will be sharing their specialist skills which include creating needle-felted beads to make a handmade necklace, and the creation of seasonal brooches (including the blackberry brooch). The workshops will last one hour and it is recommended to book a place in advance to avoid disappointment.

Places can be booked directly by contacting Joelle on 07913 995564 or Pauline on 01283 732960.

beads on a walk in Derbyshire

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