Twitter 4 Beginners

I was prompted to write this when my sister in law said, I’ve had a look at Twitter, but I don’t get it. As someone who has given it a go and met lots of interesting people, and found a lovely Bead Artist to supply butterfly wings for my brooches at last I think everyone should give it a try.

One important thing is your profile, you need one, I don’t follow people with no profile because I have no clue who they are.
Just include something about you and your interests which other people might share or just think are interesting.
Include a location even if it’s just UK, those of us in the UK quite like to follow other UK people.

Some of my favourite profiles:
Social Media Marketing Mentor for Wellness Entrepreneurs, love life by the Indian ocean, photography & creating inspiring visuals.
vaguely ginger mother of 2. Technical writer. Wish people still read the instructions!
I am inspired by nature & colour. I love all things handmade. I look forward to tweeting with you.
I’m a lampwork bead artist, avid knitter & runner as well as a Mum

Do include a profile picture, it doesn’t have to be use, I use my logo, but a favourite photo could work well, it needs to look interesting as a very small picure!

Find people to follow, when you are on websites you will spot the follow us on twitter, follow them, have a look at who they are following.
The way I do it is select a nice picture, have a look at their profile and if they look like they might be interesting follow them, look at who they follow, I just select one from each.
Consider following a few famous people, I follow Jamie Oliver.
If you don’t like/enjoy what people are saying just unfollow them.
Start small, but spend a couple of minutes each time you are on twitter finding someone else to follow.
Get on there most days, reply to people and you will soon get followers and have interesting conversations.
Go on give it a go.

This is the butterfly made with @craftedgems beads


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