Felted & Beaded Bangle

Felted & Beaded Bangle

At the workshops on 23rd and 30th March we made crochet bangles, some of us chose to knit instead. Mine is crocheted in raised treble, this took a bit of getting to grips with. Pauline had a pin in every stitch to keep me on track!
Some of these got hand felted at the workshop. Mine went home and into the washing machine. When it came out I wasn’t sure it was felted enough, so I poured water onto it from the kettle, then cooled it off enough to give it a good rub, wearing rubber gloves, and using a tiny bit of washing up liquid. I then rinsed it and left it to dry on a wine decanter, to keep it’s round shape.
The 2nd week, Pauline taught us to do peyote stitch, after a bit of a struggle with getting the tension, we managed to make a peyote bead. I then used freeform peyote with a seed bead mix to decorate my bangle. I think I might add a bit more too.
we all had fun learning some new skills.


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