Helen – getting to know her sewing machine

In case you didn’t know, I offer 1:1 and group seesions, getting to know you sewing machine.

Helen won a half price lesson when I had the free prize draw of my subscribers when I reached 500 twitter followers.

That was 2 months ago, and I have over 1000 followers now!

Here’s Happy Helen:

Helen and her new bag

I went along to Helen’s house and had a look at her sewing machine.  She showed me some things she had made and explained that she wasn’t confident, sewing a straight seam, and would like to be able to make herself some curtains.

The bag project I had brought along with me was ideal for getting her started and more confident with her sewing skills.

I showed her how to use the reverse stitch on her machine to start and finish a line of stitching (she had wondered what that little handle on the front of the machine did!) and how to neatly turn a corner by approaching it slowly and leaving the needle in your work while you lift the foot and turn the work.

We soon had bag making underway and Helen is happy with her new shopping bag.

If you are interested in ‘getting to know your sewing machine’ call me or email me for more information, no obligation!


One thought on “Helen – getting to know her sewing machine

  1. I wanted to let you all know how much I enjoyed my lesson with Joelle. I hadn’t really felt very confident with my sewing machine but Joelle’s simple tips have made all the difference. The thought of tackling something as big a whole curtain has had me breaking out in a cold sweat and I have always wanted to be able to make some personalised gifts for my friends and family but felt that my skill level wasn’t up to it. But my lesson with Joelle has shown me that so long as I, plan what I’m doing, take my time and above all don’t panic (even if it does go wrong – that’s what stitch pickers are for!) I can produce a good result.

    It really was an afternoon well spent. So if like me you have a sewing machine quietly gathering dust in the corner of the living room give Joelle a call and book yourself a lesson – it will be worth it!

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