Wire Wrapped loop – Taster Evening

 The taster evening attracted 11 people.  It was great to meet 4 new people, as well as 2 people I used to work with, who hadn’t ventured along before.

Everyone made a lovely item of jewellery, mainly wire wrapped pendants, as you can see I only managed to capture a few on my phone camera, I’m hoping some of the lovely ladies will send me some better photos of their creations.

Su who comes along, because her daughter is very creative and likes to come and make jewellery made the lovely green pendant.

It is amazing how creative someone who claims not to be creative can be!








2 thoughts on “Wire Wrapped loop – Taster Evening

  1. Love, love, love the crafty side of things. I make candles, soaps and gifts for all the family, but jewellery is something I never did get into although always wanted to. Great to read your stories.

    1. Thank you for the comment. I love all things crafty too, never tried candles or soap! Really into machine embroidery at the moment. I am sure there must be Jewellery Making workshops near you. I have contacts all over the UK now if you want help finding something local?

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