We got Creative for Christmas! – Making Jewellery

here is some of the jewellery we made on the workshop


The press advertising read….

“For many people, the search for perfect Christmas presents for friends and family can become a little overwhelming at this time of year.  Two Derbyshire jewellery and textile artist have united to urge people to get creative this year and spoil friends and family with personal, handmade gifts.

A resurgence of the ‘make do and mend’ spirit, a greater interest in traditional hobbies and smaller household budgets have led to an increased demand for craft activities and witnessed people beginning to turn their backs on mass produced gifts for something more personal and special.”

I think this is what Pauline and I managed to achieve on the day.  The ladies were very happy with the finished jewellery, although I think some of the jewellery might not get to be gifts for other people!  Nothing wrong with treating yourself!

It was the first time I managed to complete something using the spiral rope beading.  Once you get started, with Pauline’s patient tuition it is really very satisfying to do and grows quite quickly.  The end result is a professional looking piece of jewellery.  I am going to be keeping mine for myself!

After lunch and of course some lovely homemade cake……Pauline’s Chocolate cake and my Ginger cake, we moved on to my favourite, butterfly brooches  These take far longer in the planning stage, than the making, lots of discussion around the right beads to use.  The results showed the benefit of planning carefully.  Some lovely butterfly brooches.

I like making Butterfly Brooches, so if you would like to buy one for a gift, please contact me, I like to use www.craftedgems.co.uk beads, custom-made for my butterfly wings.  There are some lovely examples on Flickr.

We finished the day making a pair of earrings.  Amanda being very inventive using metal end cones…..I wouldn’t have thought of that!

 Helen getting on well making spiral rope beaded bracelet

 Wire wrapped loop necklace in progress
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5 thoughts on “We got Creative for Christmas! – Making Jewellery

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed Joelle and Pauline’s jewellery making workshop on 14 November. I’ve been on a few of their workshops before, but had not tried the spiral rope technique; I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to master it but it was actually quite easy once I got the hang of it. I was really pleased with the three items of jewellery that I made; a turquoise spiral rope bracelet, amber/green butterfly brooche and some silver cone earrings. A very relaxing, sociable and creative way to spend a Saturday!

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