Recycled Dress

Becky Smith asked me to make a recycled dress for her photo shoot for ‘Photo~Canopy’ (Lens on the National Forest)

‘The National Forest is a long-term regeneration and landscape project, framed through the environment.  This encompasses stories about the land, the textures of a changing landscape, the life and work of its people, its building and its economies.  It is an evolving place, not merely an initiative.  The aim of ‘Lens on the National Forest’ is to reflect through high quality photography, chosen to stand the test of time, a moment in the forest’s evolution.’

Becky had the idea of something completely recycled with the image of a forest fairy in mind.  I hope I have captured that in the butterfly dress.  The base of the dress is a recycled pink satin dressing gown and a velvet scarf, and the over-skirt is various plastics, mainly carrier bags bonded and embellished with free machine embroidery.  The wings are bonded carrier bags with gold and silver shreds from coffee bags.

More images and more of Becky’s photography can been seen Here:!/album.php?id=709952951&aid=343521


5 thoughts on “Recycled Dress

  1. Thank you so much for your hard work on the dress it really made my pictures and I feel I have achieved what I had set out to do on my assignment.

    Big hugs to you and keep in contact 🙂 x

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