Felt Cuff & Dorset Buttons Workshop

Well here we are having fun with soap and water creating felt….

You can see we started out with a pile of pretty coloured merino wool tops and a tidy table.

We got started with layers of wool tops in our chosen colour combination, adding fragments of fabric, and thread to the top layer.  Then we got it wet and soapy and made felt!

Some pieces turned out bigger than planned, but after a cup of tea and some rather tasty cake (sorry forgot to photograph them!) and before lunch we all managed a nice cuff shaped piece of felt.

After lunch, while the felt dried, we made some Dorset Buttons, they are lovely to do, very therapeutic.

I showed the ladies how to use a sewing machine to do freehand machine embroidery, and they had a go.  Ruth’s red cuff has some lovely machine embroidered leaves, which she has then added a few beads to by hand.

Amanda’s pink cuff has some pink beads added by hand, so has one of mine.  Pauline stated to decorate her blue and yellow cuff with some bright french knots.

Which is your favourite, of our lovely selection of felt?

If you would be interested in details of the autumn workshops, do get in contact.



2 thoughts on “Felt Cuff & Dorset Buttons Workshop

  1. The felt making workshop was really great fun yesterday and has inspired me to want to make more. The first piece of felt I made was too big to be a felt cuff but I still loved making it and its going to be a mini wall hanging instead. My second attempt was definitely a better size to be worn as a cuff and I really enjoyed trapping angelina fibres and small off-cuts of silk into the layers of felt which really add interest and texture to the design. Making dorset buttons to secure the cuff was really interesting too. I also embellished the cuff by hand sewing beads onto the felt which really added to the overall effect. Anyone who loves being creative and hasn’t had a go at felt making yet should really have a go – its actually very easy, and very suitable for beginners. Thanks Joelle & Pauline for a great day.

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