Free Bracelet Tutorial


You will need:

tiger tail wire approx. 30cm

a fastening such as a lobster clasp and a jump ring or split ring

5 or 6 large beads (in the photo they are 4mm, 6mm & 8mm)

14 seed beads (they are the small ones)

12 crimp beads (the little metal ones that you flatten)

Some flat nosed pliers and old scissors or snips to cut the wire


Thread one of the wires through the small eye of the lobster clasp, add a seed bead and a crimp bead, loop the other end of the wire through the seed bead and crimp bead too, slide into place leaving a 2cm tail and flatten the crimp bead using flat nosed pliers.


Continue by adding the rest of your 1st section followed by a crimp bead, crimp this in place.


Thread on a crimp bead, your next section of beads and another crimp bead.  You can crimp this where you want it to be now, or continue with your threading in the same way and plan how far apart each section needs to be.



When you get to the last section, before you crimp the end bead, thread the slip ring onto the wire and thread the wire back through the last section of beads, adjust until it is the right size for your wrist, then crimp the last 2 crimp beads


If you haven’t already, now you need to slide all the beads to where you want them and carefully crimp the crimp beads to keep them in place.


Enjoy wearing your new bracelet!

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