Wardrobe Declutter

Having completed her studies lady x who prefers to remain nameless, has been working in an office and I wondered what she wears to work, I’ve only ever seen her out and about on a weekend.

She agreed it was time to have a proper sort out of her 2 wardrobes and 3 shelves of clothes…..there was quite a bit cramed in there.

We sorted through the wardrobes leaving the things that had sentimental value in the wardrobe and after trying everything else on, divided it  into:

  • definately keeping
  • mending
  • might be worth altering
  • charity shop bag
  • Save to Swish on 18th October at The Making House

This is what she said about the process:

It was far less traumatic than I expected!  I’ve never done the whole thing so systematically before.  I usually get bored after a shelf or a hanging rail.

So having Joelle there meant I did do all of it and it was really useful to have a subjective opinion on things – like the dress that I knew I hated really but a couple of people had told me at one of those rugby scrum sales without a mirror that it was lovely….  Shan’t listen to either of them about clothes again!

We also got rid of a lot more than I’d expected because Joelle encouraged me to sling dated things or things that did little for me – my own criteria tend more to be does it fit and do I like it which are not the same!  It all went straight to the St Giles depot the following day, and I wasn’t even tempted to forage to check what had gone in case I might want to rescue something!

Although I didn’t wear anything particularly different to work on Monday.  I did decide what I wanted to wear and find it, rather than grabbing something off the airer or just finding something that worked so it was more planned than usual.

I have booked a follow up session with Joelle to style me from my own wardrobe!

If you would like Joelle to help you to declutter your wardrobe – get in touch! tele. 07913 995564 email joelleharris@live.com or visit the website http://www.joelleharris.co.uk

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