The Capsule Wardrobe (Part 3)

Having investigated different ideas on what a capsule wardrobe should include, I made an inventory of what I already own.  I am now ready to decide what belongs in my own personal version of the capsule wardrobe.

Gok Wan recommends a dress being at the centre of your wardrobe, now although I like this idea, but do not own a dress that I can centre my wardrobe on.  My dresses are a purple velvet dress that I made last year and a Nomad blue jersey dress.  I have just bought a ‘vintage’ dress that I hope to alter to make into a lovely summer dress, that may be a contender for the centre of my summer capsule wardrobe.

Do you think this whole capsule wardrobe idea is a good one?

My current wardrobe will be centred around my favourite navy jacket, a lovely Vyiella one I altered.  The vintage pink scarf is also in the Capsule.


Modelled here by October DiVine Photography Becky Smith

So here goes the list of my Capsule Wardrobe Items:

1.burgandy wool coat jacket (see photo) trousers

4.grey linen trousers tulip skirt cord skirt

7.white linen shirt

8.cream blouse wrap over jumper

10.long navy cardigan

11.long sleeve tee navy

12.long sleeve tee white

13.grey camisole

14.brown long boots

15.patent loafers

16.tan heeled shoes print scarf (see photo) & brown silk scarf

19.brown leather jacket

20.brown leather belt belt belt print Nomad dress

24.brown leather handbag

I had to make myself a map, to see what went with at least 3 other items.  capsule wr 002

This has meant rejecting my grey cowl neck, short sleeve jumper, which I like, but have to admit doesn’t get much wear, it only really goes with my grey trousers and my beige and grey stripe linen skirt.  Seen here:


photography Sara Moseley

Just because this is my capsule wardrobe, doesn’t mean I can’t own other items, but it does mean that when I buy/make something I know what my capsule wardrobe is, and whether the new item is part of that, or at least goes with at least 3 items in the capsule, meaning it will get plenty of use.

I now plan to try just wearing my capsule wardobe for a while to see if it actually works.  In my next post I hope to show you some of the outfits.

Now tell me, what are you planning to include in your capsule wardrobe?


2 thoughts on “The Capsule Wardrobe (Part 3)

  1. Hi Joelle, following this with interest ( If you ever get a two week break down in sunny Q I would love you to come and declutter)!

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