Capsule Wardrobe (Part 4)

My plan to show you photos of me wearing some outfits from my capsule wardrobe hasn’t quite worked out this week.  The cold weather has meant jeans, boots and fleecies (not in the capsule as they count as walking kit….is that cheating?)  So here are a few items from my capsule wardrobe…..


This is currently one of my favourite outfits, my green tulip skirt, made from fabric found in the charity shop.

My Kaliko pink wrap jumper, a charity shop find.

I wear either my grey camisole, or navy long sleeve tee shirt underneath.


I’ve just finished making another tulip skirt, this time a bit shorter in some stretch denim.  I’ve decided to use it to replace my blue cord skirt in my capsule wardrobe.


I’m looking forward to getting more wear from my leather jacket, as the weather starts to warm up.  It was a real bargain at just £5.  I re-lined it with a scarf from Primark

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