Want to add Colour to your Life? Time for a new Bag

I’ve been inspired by reading Hilary Rose’s column in the Saturday Times Magazine.  She talks about her new found love of the coloured tote.  I think it rather strange that, until now she thought a handbag could only be black, navy or tan!

I have to admit that my capsule wardrobe supposedly includes the brown leather bag by Envy, that I purchased for £1.50 in the charity shop recently.  It is a good size and ought to work well with my wardrobe, yet I haven’t used it once, I think it just not ‘me’.  I am considering ways to make it more interesting.  In the meantime I have actually been using my favourite across the body bag.  I made it from a furnishing remnant, some rather pretty craft cotton (with a butterfly print) and some pewter rings made by my son.  Finished off with a machine embroidered leaf and bead loop closure.  Perhaps I should do a tutorial on making this simple bag?  what do you think?


I also use the floral print tote, my parents brought me back from Singapore, it’s a really useful size and has a zip top.

Anyway inspired by Hilary, I have dug out a pile of fabric and ……whoops got distracted by summary prints and stripes, must be the sun!  ……I might use the deep purple waterproof fabric, or maybe the Lilac Linen?  Look out for an update later in the week.

Do you refer a good black navy or tan leather handbag?  or are you more adventurous?


2 thoughts on “Want to add Colour to your Life? Time for a new Bag

  1. Enjoyed this and capsule wardrobe blogs. Like that idea – will have to try it. Could finally lead to some streamlining.
    Thank you

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