Capsule Wardrobe (part 6)

I have a confession – I’ve just found the box with my summer clothes in.  I didn’t count this when I listed all my clothes!  I blame the house move (and I am still waiting to move again!)

wardrobe summer 008

That’s 2 skirts I hadn’t counted, that will make Carolyn feel better!  Yes there are also 2 pairs of trousers, 2 jackets and 4 tops!

I have  come to realise that despite my efforts to have a Capsule Wardrobe I have a clothing problem!   The fact that I am buying nothing new, being part of the Love What You Wear Project has just given me the perfect excuse to buy more clothes from the charity shop.

I have been reading about Project 333 now this seems like a good plan.  You select you 33 items that you will wear for the next 3 months, the rest is boxed up & put away (unless it’s gone back to the charity shop!)

Project 333 is all to do with living with less and how that can improve our lives, not having to think about what to wear each morning, because you have already decided on the 33 items you will wear.  This is in line with my aim to achieve a Capsule Wardrobe.  The idea is that it frees you up to think about more important things.  This is a completely different approach to the Love What you Wear Project which is about not buying new and instead thinking about what you need and turning to charity shops and sewing for yourself.

Can I work with both or do you think it should be one or the other?

Now talking of charity shop purchases…..I got a lovely Mac for £3.50  It’s going to need altering…..



3 thoughts on “Capsule Wardrobe (part 6)

  1. I think you could do both – but then the limit is only buying/sewing what you need in order to complete your capsule. So hard though – thrifts and charity shops are filled with such great deals both on fabric and clothes, how do you stop?

    1. That’s just it Melissa, I love searching charity shops, and just love a quality fabric! Really pleased with the Mac I have altered today (hope to blog before and after at the weekend!)

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