normal service will be resumed shortly!

Hopefully some of you have noticed my absence from blogging, having posted twice a week for quite a while, suddenly nothing!

I have been very busy moving house!  Just 2 and a half miles away from where we were renting.  Rather than hire a big van, we have made numerous trips in the trusty Berlingo, it’s amazing what you can fit in.  Internet and phone are still at the other house, so I have been rather limited.  There is still plenty to do here, and it has inspired me to start a second blog…..’A New Life in the Country’ ….like the title?

This is my kitchen.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We are upcycling the cupboard doors with some rather nice eggshell paint from The Little Greene Paint Company.

blue door

This one has only had one coat of ‘James 108’….looking good?

Off to sort out my studio space, then I can resume the blog proper.


2 thoughts on “normal service will be resumed shortly!

  1. It will be quite lovely when the painting is done! I always love painted cupboards – glad to see you are doing it in something other than white.

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