17 Scarves and counting

Either you are a scarf person or you are not.  I think I can call myself a scarf person judging by my collection.  Scarves and Jackets are definately my thing.  Are you a scarf person?

scarves 005

I was unpacking and getting ready for my summer capsule wardrobe planning, when I found some of my lesser worn scarves.

Starting on the left there are 4 scarves I have never worn, admittedly the beautiful 1940’s silk with skiers is rather delicate to risk wearing.  On the right we have my most often worn scarves, the pink vintage being my current favourite.

I think being a Classic dresser and someone who doesn’t like a cold neck both have something to do with my need to add a scarf to every outfit.

My collection includes:

4 vintage

3 knitted including the rather lovely pink ruffled collar by Rhea Clements in a lovely soft cotton.

1 crocheted by me

8 are silk – I love silk!!

Now how many should be in my capsule wardrobe this summer?  I can see 5 that could be classed as winter scarves, although with the British weather, I shan’t hide them away, just in case!


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