Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Well, here it is , at last, the long-awaited Summer (hmmm…. a bit short on sunshine so far!) Capsule Wardrobe.  In some ways this is an easy one for me, I own two great summer jackets and my summer wardrobe has, for quite a few years now, been centred around these two.

So much so, that they both feature in these profile pictures taken by Sara Moseley back in 2010

I do love jackets, I wear them rather than cardigans, or with a cardigan, being British.  Looking at my wardrobe the one thing I am short of is a cosy summer cardigan, I have my little grey Sandwich tie front, and the Coral Jigsaw one, featured in my Summer Dress Upcycled post, but I think I will need something a bit warmer.  I’m going to have to have a look in the charity shops and see what I can find.

Here is the Summer Wardrobe

Summer Wardrobe

Upcycled Mac

Jackets: Brown leather, Pink linen, Cream linen

Dresses: Blue print Nomad, Coral upcycled

Trousers: Black linen, Navy/White stripe, Grey pinstripe, Cropped demin

Skirts: denim, cream/grey linen stripe, green (not sure if that one stays)

Scarves: Pink floral vintage, Blue/brown silk print

Tops, long sleeve: White linen shirt, White tee, Navy tee

Tops short sleeve: White tee, Grey tee

Cardigans: Grey tie front, Coral

Belts: wide pink, narrow navy

Shoes: Grey sandles, brown wedges, Merrell comfy walking sandles

Earrings: ‘music’ studs by Katie Stainer and some pretty pink glass studs.

29 items so far, going to consider what else to include, before I commit myself.

I have a few things I aspire to have in the wardrobe, but in reality won’t get worn.  We will take a look at these and a navy linen jacket I hope to upcycle next week.  In the meantime these are hanging in the spare room wardrobe, out of the way.

I had hoped to take photos of everything, but the light hasn’t been that good this week, here are a few I took earlier:

How are you getting on with your summer wardrobe?  Are you trying to make it a Capsule Wardrobe or trying Poject 333?  Do tell!

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