Summer Capsule Wardrobe Part 2

The opportunities to wear my summer wardrobe are few and far between at the moment.  I am spending my days in ‘painting gear’.

The kitchen will get finished soon!

We did spend the weekend at Cabourne Folk and Blues festival, where I opted for walking trousers, fleecy and warm waterproof!  I admired the brave people in festival wear.  I like the idea of a large colourful freeform crochet festival shawl, for chilly evenings in tents!

Anyway, today we need to talk about my blue linen jacket.  Purchased last year, in the charity shop for £5, I liked the slate blue colour.  It will work really well with my navy & white striped trousers, as an alternative to my pink jacket.  It is far too big and looking at the construction, it has no side seams.

I have removed the pockets and decided to remove the sleeves and make side seams.  Then I will use a jacket pattern to reshape the jacket and the top of the sleeves.  I’ll probably use this Burda Pattern as a guide.

I’ll pin it back together and decide what to do with the hem.  It’s fairly short, so I might get away with just shaping the side seams.

What do you think, so far?


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