Flap Top Shoulder Bag Tutorial

Finished shoulder bag

You will need:

Outside fabric 2 pieces 26cm x 33cm

Strap 110cm x 8cm

Lining fabric 2 pieces 26cm x 33cm

Matching thread

15cm ribbon or cord and a large button

To make the Pattern:

Draw a rectangle on greaseproof paper 26cm x 33cm.  Cut this out.  For the curved bottom: mark 3 cm in from one corner, on both edges, draw a curve joining the marks (using something like a mug with approx. 7.5cm diameter)  Fold the pattern in half along the length and cut both the curves for the bottom of the bag.

the pattern

The pattern has a 1cm seam allowance

Cutting Out:

From the outside fabric cut 2 pieces from the pattern.  For the strap cut a piece 110cm x 8cm this has a 1.5cm seam allowance.

From the lining cut 2 pieces from the pattern.

You might want to mark the 1cm seam allowance round the corners.

To Make:

Stitch the 2 outside pieces together along 3 sides, right sides together, leaving the top open.  Reinforce the corners by stitching along the same line again.  Trim the corners by snipping small ‘V’ s out of the seam allowance.  This will give you a smooth curve when you turn it out the right way.

cut V s out to trim the corners

Do the same again for the lining.

Turn the outside of the bag the right way out and press.  Pin your loop of cord or ribbon at the centre of the top edge of the bag.  Stitch this in place with a few stitches, just inside the seam allowance.

placing the loop

Place the lining over the outside of the bag, with the right sides of the fabric together.  Pin in place and stitch, leaving a gap big enough to get your hand in.

top edge pinned

Turn it the right way out and press the top edge.

right way out

Top stitch close to the edge, closing the gap.

top stitching

To make the strap press 1.5cm in along the length on both sides, then fold in half along the length and top stitch along both sides.

stitching the strap

Fold over 3cm at each end of the strap, pin and stitch in place about 13cm from the top edge.  Check that you haven’t twisted the strap before you stitch.

sewing the strap onStitch the button in place.

sew the button on

Wear with pride!

If you would like more detailed instructions email Joelle for the beginners guide.

If you have any questions, please put them in the comments.


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