Linen Jacket Upcycled

After a bit of a delay in getting any sewing done, I have finally got round to upcycling this linen jacket, it was far too big for me, but I loved the colour and the fabric.

I removed the pockets, and sleeves, creating side seams.  I then recut the shoulders and side seams using a jacket pattern in my size.  I sewed it all back together, then experimented with how I wanted the hem.  Being petite I like a short but shapely jacket.  I decided a pointed front would suit the single button style and curved it up slightly at the back.

I chopped the sleeves off and rehemmed to 3/4 length.  Now I’m hoping for some nice warm weather so I can wear it!
£5 well spent?

9 thoughts on “Linen Jacket Upcycled

  1. That’s a fabulous job you’ve done on your jacket! I have an outdated linen jacket that I keep meaning to alter but I don’t have the same skills as you so could end up like a dogs dinner!!! One of these days I’ll get to it :0)

    1. Thank you, Sometimes some simple changes are all that’s needed, send me a photo and I am happy to make suggestions, if that helps. Or is it more a matter of time to get round to it?

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