Summer Capsule Wardrobe – time to review

Now we are the beginning of July, I thought it was a good time to review my Summer Capsule Wardrobe, what have I been wearing?  I am really pleased with the addition of my upcycled navy linen jacket.  It works well with my linen trousers.

Here I am at Hull Marina in my current favourite outfit: Cropped Jeans, white long sleeved tee, grey Sandwich cardigan, vintage blue silk scarf, Merrell walking sandals, and my upcycled denim bag.

cropped jeans at Hull


Cropped Jeans!  Now, if you watched Gok on TV last night, you will know we really shouldn’t be wearing these, especially short people like me, but I like them!

What I haven’t been wearing is my skirts, I must have worn the linen stripe once or twice, but neither the green or denim have seen the light of day.  I have now removed them from the wardrobe.  I haven’t even worn my dress much.  This is mainly because I am working from home and haven’t been out working much.  This will change in the autumn as I have just arranged workshops and dates at Brigg and Burton.  More on this at the weekend.

What I could really do with is a warm cardigan, I still haven’t found one and may have to resort to knitting.  I have got some purple wool, that I started to knit a few years ago.  I love the style of the grey one in the photo, time to get over to Ravelry and find a pattern.  I should have it knitted by Christmas…..

How is your capsule wardrobe working for you?

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