Bargains this week!

I popped into the local charity shop & spotted these grey linen trousers by Sandwich.  They look brand new.  They are a size to big, but at £3.75 I am happy to alter them.  Fortunately they have side seams in the waistband too.  I’ll do a little tutorial on how I took them in for my next blog post.

We went to a local car boot sale where a lady was selling mixed packs of 10 Anchor embroidery threads for £1.  I got myself 6 packs for £5.  Bargain!!

The linen trousers will slot straight into my capsule wardrobe, I’ll remove the black ones to make room.  Here is an outfit that didn’t go into my capsule wardrobe but I saved in case we got some lovely warm weather.

upcycled outfit

The Vintage M&S Rayon top, has lace inserts in the side seams, as it was a size to small for me, and the skirt had the strange frill removed and a lace insert added.  I upcycled theses last summer.  Cool?


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