Upcycled Red jacket – Shoulder Bag

I’ve had the sleeves off this jacket for a while…..

db red jacket before

I was thinking about making it into a kind of ‘waistcoat’ for me, but concluded that I probably wouldn’t actually wear a long double breasted waistcoat…..

Having cut the sleeves off, I got to thinking about using the sleeve as one side of a bag.  Then while looking at which bit of the front to use for the other side, I thought, why not use the pocket but on a slant?  The instructions for making this style of bag are here

I replaced the boring, matching buttons on the sleeve with a mix of blue and red buttons.  I couldn’t resist a bit of navy blue top stitching on the pocket and to attach the shoulder strap (made from the other sleeve)

There is plenty left, so look out for another bag post……. using the lapels.

What do you think?  It might make it into my Etsy Shop soon, as I am starting to add stock.  Today I have added my red jacket and some vintage embroidery transfers, do take a look.

You can make your own version of this bag at my Jacket Upcycling Workshop – The Making House in Burton on 28th September

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