August de-clutter

I heard via Morwhenna’s  Blog about a challenge she had taken on in order to kick start her de-cluttering.

Getting rid of one item a day every day of August.  I thought… there’s a challenge…..Must give it a try.

Day 1 started well, I put the kitchen brochures in the paper recycling.

Day 2 I found the pile of vintage embroidery transfers I had acquired last year and started to list them in my Etsy Shop.  One sold on 8th August.  Inspired, I’m listing some more of them.

Day 3 2 old nail varnishes in the bin.

Day 4 I started to fill a charity shop bag:

A summer skirt that I didn’t include in my capsule wardrobe and was hanging on to, just in case, and no I haven’t worn it.

The book I bought at the car boot sale for 20p and have just finished reading.  Margaret Atwood Cat’s Eye – a good read.

skirt & book

A smart hat given to me, which is lovely, but I will never actually wear it.

A brooch.

My leather jacket, it really is a bit small, I will look out for another in the charity shops.

A large glass dish, I used to use it on my craft stall, keep finding myself moving it around the place.

glass dish


That’s the 1st 10 days.  Dropped that all at the charity shop, and picked up a lovely brand new Navy Linen cardigan by White Stuff, with rather long sleeves….but that’s another story!

Slow progress over the weekend, as we had visitors, and I helped my sister in law with the recovering of her chair & she shortened the sleeves on my new cardigan.

Do you think deleting some photos off the lap top counts as getting rid of something?

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