Charity Shop Shopping and Rescued Chair

I thought I’d share with you my recent charity shop purchases and the chair that was heading for landfill!

There I was walking back home and a neighbour was putting an old TV into the back of her car, in the car I could see a chair frame, I stopped to chat, having only ever said hello before, and went home with the Parker Knoll chair.  Iris had owned it for 50 years and it had been in her children’s first homes then back to her to live in the shed for a few years.  It’s going to need a new seat cushion and recovering, then it’s going to look great in the corner of my bedroom as a reading chair!

Parker Knoll Chair

I picked up this Monsoon dress, which I shall shorten, the Next linen top was reduced to £1 and will make a nice bag & a Part Two Shirt.

The shirt I immediately loved, it’s too big for me, but I thought I could alter it to make a sleeveless shirt for me.  I got it home and tried it on, looked in the mirror and thought ‘oh dear’  the print just doesn’t suit me!

I briefly considered taking back my £3.50 purchase.  But, I love the fine lawn fabric, the print and the buttons, I’m going to cut it up and make something……


4 thoughts on “Charity Shop Shopping and Rescued Chair

  1. Is the shirt large enough to make a skirt out of? Some prints that don’t look good next to our faces look great as skirts. Just a thought.
    I just found you through The Renegade Seamstress… now I’m having fun checking out your blog.

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