Reduce Month is over

So, getting rid of one item a day every day for a month, was even more difficult than expected.

I am very pleased with the computer clear out, I have deleted about 2000 documents and photos!  And backed up what is left to an external hard drive.

I have taken more to the charity shop including these 2 little pictures and 2 belts that I bought last year and have never used.


I am starting to look at my winter wardrobe and can see some things that I don’t think I will want to wear this winter:

My lovely green skirt (that I can’t walk in as it’s too narrow at the hem) and my LK Bennet blue skirt, as I was looking at a photo of me wearing it with my dark burgundy winter coat, I think it needs replacing with a darker or shorter skirt.  So it’s gone to the charity shop, along with a blue tee shirt and a pair of shoes.


It has been a useful exercise, making me look more carefully at what I am hanging on to.  What are you hanging on to, that you no longer need or want?


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