Week 1 of Refashion Runway: Plaid

I got these lovely high waisted plaid trousers with turn ups as part of a wool suit for £3.  I did consider just using the existing waist of the trousers, but I find wool itchy against my skin. Instead I unpicked them and managed to squeeze out a straight skirt utilising the existing front zip fastening and pockets.

I cut a curved waistband on the cross for added interest, and to be able to get it out of the remaining fabric.

I had recently been given some pure silk satin off cuts by local designers Stella and Alf they have a no waste policy for their fabric off-cuts, and where they can’t transform them into other pieces or their recycled notebook covers, they shred up a large amount of the waste, and sew into strips to use for ribbon to use on their packaging.  Do take a look at their Collection.

silk lining

This made a luxurious lining (even if it did require an extra seam or two).

I finished it off with a button fastening at the front.

plaid skirt after (3)

If you like it, do pop over to Refashion Runway and vote for me!

The challenge next week is emerald….


11 thoughts on “Week 1 of Refashion Runway: Plaid

  1. So well made with that beautiful lining – this is such a classic piece I’m thinking you will get a lot of wear from it – it will look beautiful for a long time.

  2. Joelle, I’m a lover of the watch plaid and it’s lovely what you did with the skirt. I’ve lost a LOT of weight and have these beautiful woolen pants that I think I could refashion into a skirt. How did you go about doing this. I’m thinking I would need to seam rip everything and then just use a pattern to recut it all.

    I’m very nervous about this. I’ve always wanted a camel woolen skirt and I think I’d be able to have one if I refashion this pair of pants.
    Algonquin, Illlinois USA

    1. Well done, if you can achieve that then im sure you can make a skirt from some trousers!
      I took it all apart. Except the front seam with the zip, I reused it where it was by making a straight seam from the bottom of the zip.
      I would find a pattern & lay it on the trousers to see if it will work first. It was quite tight getting a skirt out of the trousers.

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