Week 2 of Refashion Runway: Emerald

This was more of a challenge as I had nothing emerald to work with, until Monday, the day I started University.   This resulted in very little time to actually refashion and find a volunteer to take photos of me modelling the finished outfit.  I followed my son’s advice ‘you should do a refashion that anyone can do’ so this one is nice and simple.

Once again I was inspired by Moschino, who showed a navy coat with yellow buttons and yellow pocket flaps.  I had this long navy polyester jacket from Sticky Fingers, London, in my stash, I love the drape of the fabric, but it was looking dated and boring with the pearly buttons.  The emerald satin shirt had long sleeves with cuffs.

I removed the cuffs, trimmed the button whole part off and turned them inside out.  I then used them to make the mock pocket flaps and to cover 4 buttons.

To make the pocket flaps, I drew round the existing pocket flaps on the jacket and added a 1cm seam allowance.  I cut these out of the cuffs, making use of the existing seam line and fold and the fact the fabric was already interfaced.

making the cuffs

I then trimmed the seam allowance from the pattern and used the template to mark the seams on the pocket flap pieces, this is especially useful for a neat curve in the corners.  I stitched them twice for added strength, trimmed, clipped and turned them out the right way.  Pressed them, then machine stitched them to the jacket above the existing pocket flaps.

Using the rest of the cuff fabric I made 4 covered buttons.

making covered buttons

I removed the emerald buttons from the shirt and used them on the sleeves of the jacket.

Then the shirt, I simply shortened the sleeves and replaced the buttons with some navy ones.  I plan to sell this outfit, the jacket is size 10 (and therefore a bit snug on me)  the blouse is Next size 12 petite.  Any offers?

emerald after (3)

emerald after (1)


You can vote for me, or one of the other’s if you prefer over on The Renegade Seamstresses Blog

9 thoughts on “Week 2 of Refashion Runway: Emerald

  1. Your son is smart! Your refashion was amazing but it also looked like it was doable with some patience and care. That’s important for the sewists among us who do not know how to draft patterns and don’t have a dress form. Great job.

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