Week 3 of Refashion Runway: Peplum

I am sorry to say that I am no longer in the Refashion Runway competition but hope to continue sewing along….

Here is the jacket that matches the plaid skirt.  This was a great charity shop find at just £3 for a wool suit.  The jacket was too big, and I was in two minds as to whether to tackle it for the peplum, but I thought it was worth the risk as I knew if it worked well I would wear it a lot.

I started by chopping off the excess length.  I wanted to be able to reuse the pockets on the peplum, so was careful about where I cut.  I also chopped 4 inches off the sleeves, this made the whole thing more manageable to work with.  I then removed the sleeves, took in the side seams and sleeve seams and reset the sleeves, taking an inch off the shoulders.

This was really quite tricky and involved lots of pinning on the mannequin and trying on myself too, to get it to sit right.

For the peplum I started by making a greaseproof paper pattern.  I was keen to reuse the pockets on the peplum, so I needed to cut the fronts straight, you would normally cut it on a curve to get a good shape. So this was a bit of a compromise, I hoped to compensate with a good curve on the back piece.  I pinned the pattern on, tried it on and altered the front shaping so that I would get a neat v at the front edge when the jacket is buttoned up.

paper peplum

I lined the peplum and the bottom edge of the sleeves with some black satin off cuts, from Stella and Alf.  I really liked the original buttons, so reused them.  I created two new button holes on the front of the jacket and sewed the sleeve buttons on just above the slit.  The sleeves can be turned up too.

Quite a difference!  and with the left overs I plan to make a nice little shoulder bag too.

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