Week 4 of Refashion Runway: Leather – sew along

I have thought long and hard about how to upcycle some leather, and scoured the charity shops for something suitable, no luck there.  I have a small stash of bits of leather including the top part of some suede boots I got from a Swishing Event a few years ago.  I have worn the cut down version of the boots endlessly with jeans.

I also had a slippers pattern cut out and ready to go, but until I acquired the bag of scrap fabric from Stella and Alf had nothing to make the tops with, they gave me some rather nice pure cotton, what you might call sweatshirt material.

The slipper pattern is from Inscrutables you can link to the free pattern instructions from my Pinterest.

I am quite pleased with them, although the fabric is a little bit light weight for the job, perhaps I should have used 2 layers.

The rather nice socks, I am modelling, were made for me by my clever sister-in-law Sarah she makes the best Stitch Markers!

grey slippers

Have you ever made socks?  I have started one…..

Have you ever made slippers? do tell me about them.

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