The Love What You Wear Project – 10 months in

Morwhenna started The Love What You Wear Project on 1st November 2012 and invited people to join her in a year-long journey, buying no new clothes.  I joined her at the end of December, so have a little way to go yet.

Looking back at what I wrote on the I’m In page, I see that my first project was supposed to be a purple jacket I had recently acquired.  I never did get round to it, as it didn’t fit in with my capsule wardrobe plan …. no room for yet another jacket.  Back to the charity shop, it went.

I haven’t tackled the upcycled jumper with a crochet back either.

That just leaves the aim…. ‘for my wardrobe to have few items, all of which work together’  now that is somewhere where progress has been made!

My already slim wardrobe has been slimmed down a bit more and what has been added, has been carefully considered, even though most of it has come from charity shops.

Morwhenna asked the question the other day, how much have you spent on clothes during the year of Love What you Wear?  I’ve just had a look back over my blog posts and rifled through my wardrobe and here is the result:

so far I have spent £138

this included buying new:

Black short boots £70

2 bras & 2 pants £25

2 pairs opaque tights £3

I felt more able to justify buying a good pair of boots, when I knew I wasn’t spending much on clothes.

The rest was spent in charity shops and at a vintage fair:

black gloves £3

black belt 25p

tartan pleated skirt £2.50 (need to finish altering)

tartan suit £3

Monsoon dress £3.50

Vintage dress £5

Navy linen cardigan £3.75

Mint tee shirt 75p

cream satin top £2

tweed skirt 50p (need to alter)

Cream (Kate Moss for Top Shop) blouse £5

Black linen (Jaeger) trousers £3.50

Grey linen (sandwich) trousers £3.75

Mac £3.50

The only thing I’m still planning to buy is a nice blouse that will go with my black watch tartan.  In a normal year I would probably spend about twice that.  How much do you spend on clothes?


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