Me and Pretty Nostalgic at Clothes Show Live

I’m going to be helping out  Pretty Nostalgic on the Customisation Station at Clothes Show Live this year.  How exciting is that!!  A chance to inspire all those people who love clothes to start looking at what is already in their wardrobe in a different light.

“In the heart of Clothes Show Live on the Vintage Avenue – the hub for genuine vintage clothes and accessories –  Pretty Nostalgic will be hosting The Customisation Station.Providing you with the inspiration and advice to revamp tired items of clothing and transform them into exciting additions to their wardrobes using vintage textiles and haberdashery.”

I will be there with some of the clothes I have upcycled this year, and encouraging people to get creative with their wardrobes and charity shop finds.  Nicole has rescued lots of interesting stuff from charity shop rag bags which we will be upcycling.  I will demonstrate what you can do with a jacket, with lots of snipping and stitching to make a waistcoat with a tie back and a matching shoulder bag made from sleeves.

Do come and say hello if you are at The Clothes Show on 7th or 8th December.

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