The Customisation Station

pretty nostalgic stand at the clothes show

I’ve just had the most brilliant weekend at the Clothes Show Live with Nicole of Pretty Nostalgic Magazine.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I arrived at the Clothes Show on Saturday Morning.  There to greet me was this amazing stall made with scrap pallets and full of treasures given to Cancer Research charity shops, ready for us to upcycle.

here I am looking a bit serious ….

As you can see we were an oasis of calm…..people enjoyed sitting and sewing with us, using fabrics and buttons and vintage sewing silks….all from the charity shop rag bags.  It was great to meet Morwhenna of The Love What You Wear Project at last, having known her virtually, for nearly a year.  I was also working with Anna of Dotty Dove’s Design and Rae of Stanny Smith Creations and Selinna of Alissia Couture all very creative people!

Pretty Nostalgic magazine is all about creative and sustainable living inspired by the past.  Take the Pretty Nostalgic Pledge and promise to Spend Wisely – Waste Less – Appreciate More.

Having acquired a copy of the magazine, which I started to read on the train home.  I have to say, it’s more than a magazine, it’s a book of ideas and inspiration for enjoying life to the full – Good Housekeeping for the 21st Century.  The lack of adverts and well written content and refreshing to say the least.  I don’t buy magazines, but have subscribed to Pretty Nostalgic and taken advantage of their current offer to buy my Mum a subscription for Christmas too.

and finally here are some of the things I made while I was there.  The tweed bag, from a jacket and a dress belt, the checked bag, was the bottom half of a shirt, which already had a drawstring.  The corsage from my favourite bit of linen, some checked cotton a bit of a lurex jumper sleeve, finished off with a fancy flower button.


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