Tartan skirt and bag

You may have spotted on the photos of the Customisation Station that I was wearing an upcycled tartan skirt.  It started out life as this lovely Viyella skirt that was a bit tight at the waist and a tad long on me!  A bargain at £2.50

pleated skirt before
pleated skirt before

I removed the waistband, cut a large chunk off the skirt.  From this I made a new wider waistband and attached it a bit lower on the skirt, making the waist size fit me, and reusing the existing zip.  I neatened the hem edge, hemmed and then spent ages with a steam iron and a pressing cloth, re-pressing the pleats.

tartan skirt after
tartan skirt after

With plenty of left over fabric I made myself a shoulder bag, utilising the waistband from the skirt and the waistband from my tartan trousers for the shoulder strap.  I wear these to uni. all the time but still failed to get a photo.  Here they are modelled by my mannequin.

I get lots of compliments on this bag and now have a couple of commissions to make something similar.

Happy Christmas!

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