Does a new excerise class = new clothes?

I started my first ever exercise class back in October.  I am pleased to say I am loving Pilates, mainly due to a brilliant teacher, Emma of Fitness4U.

Now, for lots of people this would be a good excuse to go shopping for suitable clothing to wear.  Not for me!  partly because I was still in my year of The Love What You Wear Project, buying no new clothes in an effort to be more environmentally friendly and partly because I don’t like parting with my money unnecessarily.

It took me a few weeks to get it completely right, but I did manage to kit myself out from my existing wardrobe.  As you may know, I like walking, so have some good walking kit, this provided me with black thermal leggings, these are lovely and comfy to wear for exercise, and I am pleased they are getting more use, than the occasional winter hill walk.

I tried different tops from my technical walking kit, the thermal top and my favourite base layer, before discovering that my, hardly ever worn, winter mid-layer is perfect, it’s long enough and loose enough not to move when I do stretches.

Finally, the exercise mat:  in the loft I found the foam camping mat, the children used to use, it’s a bit thicker than a yoga mat, but works perfectly well.

There will be no photos of me wearing my exercise gear, you will be pleased to know.  So here are some gerbera instead.



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