A Little Story About Monsters In Your Closet

I feel the need to share with you this report by Greenpeace.  Who knew that our children’s clothes contain such chemicals as Nonylphenol Ethoxylates (NPEs) Phthalates and Antimony? some of which are banned in children’s toys and banned or restricted for use in the EU.

Greenpeace launched its Detox Campaign back in 2011 and this January 2014 report makes worrying reading.

By moving our manufacturing overseas and the use of sub-subcontracted factories, clothing manufacturers seem to be hiding behind a lack of knowledge about their our products.  What we need is, a precautionary approach (zero discharge of hazardous chemicals) and the right to know what is in the clothes we buy.

Not only do we risk damaging our children’s health but the health of those working in the manufacture of our clothing and those living in the environment where it is produced (our planet)

I urge you to read the report and support the campaign.


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