Buttons and Bowls

leather buttons

I spent £2.30 in the Salvation Army Charity shop and came out with these pretty bowls, bags of buttons and the cutest little reel of cotton.  The bag of leather buttons only has a few that are leather, the others are plastic, but still useful.  The bag of black buttons includes lots of really pretty cut glass buttons (I assume they are glass).  The left hand bowl is Denby and I think the right hand one might be Torquay Ware (my Mum has a collection of Torquay Ware with Cockerels on).

The other recent purchases are the tartan skirts you can see in the background.  I couldn’t resist the navy and cream for £2, that is about 2 sizes too small for me, so might be destined for bag making.

The other one in subtle greys and pinks is to replace the red tartan skirt I currently wear.  I love the colour, but it clashes with my purple coat and doesn’t go with enough tops in my wardrobe.  This grey will fit in much better.  Just need to take the scissors to it.  Waistband off (yes, it’s a bit too snug) and take about a foot off the hem.  Will I be able to resist making myself a matching bag?  I will post photos of the results soon.

What bargains have you found recently?

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