Wool v Cotton tee shirt

grey wool tee shirt

I can announce my first purchase of a new item of clothing since starting the Love What You Wear Project 14 months ago.  I was in Zara with a friend, me busy inspecting labels for fibre content and where things are made, while she looked for a new dress for work.  I found a pure wool tee shirt in pale grey, made in Portugal.  The perfect colour to go with my spring wardrobe! and it was in the sale for £7.99

For my Textile Degree I have been reading about the properties of fibres and fibre production.  Wool is wonderful!  It’s a by-product of the meat industry and wool takes dye well, naturally antibacterial, and if you were to bury your old wool jumper in the garden it would rot away and provide nutrients for plants.  Cotton is wonderful too, the problem is the way we grow it.  The the amount of precious water required and the fact that there are still issues of child labour and forced labour in the industry for a start.

I love to wear cotton tee shirts, they don’t last as long as I would like as they tend to fade, one of the delights of having a very small wardrobe, you do actually wear clothes out!  Wool would be warmer in winter, equally good in a British summer and need washing slightly less often as wool naturally wicks sweat away and is naturally anti-bacterial.

Would you replace your cotton tee shirts with wool?

6 thoughts on “Wool v Cotton tee shirt

  1. How much impact does fair trade cotton have? I have a number of fair trade cotton, modal, elastane long sleeved tops from Sainsbys which are brilliant for work and wash beautifully. The fair trade bit makes me feel better but I do sometimes wonder how much difference it makes.

    1. It’s complicated! Fair Trade is good, at least you know the cotton producers are paid fairly. Is the tee shirt also made under fair trade?
      Organic cotton is also a good choice as it tends to need less water & obviously no chemicals.
      I will be writing more in this subject!

  2. Hmm, when you read the label carefully it makes a big song and dance about fair trade cotton but doesn’t actually mention the manufacturing. Sneaky……

  3. I am in the process of changing from cotton to wool, cotton is a hugely polluting crop. I don’t now where you found your wool t shirt so cheap though, I am finding them VERY expensive. I was concerned about itchiness and warm weather but the fine merino ones are not itchy and I wore them in Brazil this February and they were comfortable in 37 degrees. I wear them for several days on the go and they do not smell……. I think you need to check the source of the merino as there are some animal welfare issues around the keeping of sheep.

    1. Thank you for your comment & follow. I bought the wool tee shirt in Zara, in the sale. I am however very disappointed with the quality, it has developed 2 holes already. I am going to be much more careful about my next purchase, as you say animal welfare is an important consideration.

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