Six Items Challenge

I have decided I will take on Labour Behind the Label’s Six Items Challenge, wearing just 6 items from my wardrobe for the next 6 weeks. See my previous post for details

1st pick was:

1. Blue Nomad Dress

2. Denim skirt

3. Long warm navy cardi

4. New grey wool tee shirt

5. White long sleeve tee shirt

6. Pink wrap-over jumper

Then I spotted my burgundy long sleeve tee shirt waiting to be ironed, much more practical than the white tee shirt and warmer. Also, hanging in the wardrobe my navy linen cardi that I can wear with both the dress and the skirt instead of the pink jumper, which I wouldn’t wear over the dress.

So I’m swapping the white for the burgundy (no photo) and the pink jumper for the linen cardi.

What do you reckon? Will I cope with no jeans? In fact no trousers at all. The truth is I wear dresses and skirts all week at uni. and only wear my jeans at home and at the weekend.

I am already thinking about ways to cheat, well what I can get away with, without actually breaking the rules….

I am allowed my pilates kit which includes my zip up fleecy, so I could have that for extra warmth?

I will allow myself my walking kit too, so if we go out walking it will be walking trousers, wicking tee shirt and the previously mentioned zip up fleecy.

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Watch out for some today I am wearing posts.


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