Summer Capsule Wardrobe (part 1)

May already!  I got my summer clothes out a couple of weeks ago and have been trying some outfits, while also enjoying wearing my tartan jacket and jeans which I missed so much doing the Six Items Challenge.

The six items challenge taught me that I need a lot less than I think!  I have also been reading some posts on Courtney Calver’s Project 333 this week her 10 challenges included the need for your Capsule Wardrobe to be Perfect.  This resonated with me.  I have always wanted to have the perfect Capsule Wardrobe, and it has always niggled me.  Not enough for me to go and find those couple of items that would resolve the problem, but I have always felt I had failed.  At the ripe old age of 51 I have finally decided it doesn’t have to be perfect and people are going to think no less of me.

Time for a good enough Capsule Wardrobe:

Mac – upcycled by me

Pink Jacket – Sandwich sale long time ago

Cream Jacket – Oasis years ago

Navy Linen Cardi – charity shop – sleeves rescued by Sarah

Print Dress – from vintage fair – buttons changed

Jeans – charity shop, altered to fit

Cropped Jeans – Intown about 5 years ago

Grey pinstripe trousers – charity shop

Grey linen trousers – charity shop, taken in at the waist £3.50 last year

Denim skirt – made by me

Cream and grey stripe linen skirt – charity shop, shortened

White linen shirt – changed the buttons from coconut to mother of pearl last year – £65 about 5 years ago

Navy long sleeve tee shirt – White Stuff

Grey long sleeve tee shirt – charity shop

Grey wool tee shirt – Zara sale £8

Grey cami – Jigsaw

Raspberry cami – Asda – Christmas gift

Raspberry Satin Cami – M&S many years ago

Black Sandles – charity shop £4

Merrell walking sandles

Black patent shoes

Pink scarf – vintage

Black patent shoes

The content of this years Summer Capsule Wardrobe probably isn’t all that different to last year, but my thoughts about it are.  I wonder if that is why many of us keep collecting more things in the wardrobe, to find that one item that will suddenly make everything else work?


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