Summer Capsule Wardrobe (part 2)

My wardrobe isn’t perfect…

Trying on my summer clothes confirmed that, yes, I really had put a bit of weight on over winter.  Time to cut out the biscuits and get some more exercise.


The print dress is still ok, but fitting both a petticoat (for decency) and a tee-shirt (for warmth) is making it gape a little.

The grey linen trouser*s are a little snug (yes, the ones I confidently ‘took in at the waist’ last summer)

I would like to replace my cream and grey linen skirt, but I am not sure what to replace it with.

stripe skirt

My grey pinstripe trousers, that I usually wear with heeled sandals seem to have shrunk a little in the length.  Shall I let them down half and inch or take them up to wear with flat shoes?*  The only heeled sandals I have are worn out and make a strange creaking sound when I walk.  I tend to wear the pinstripe trousers with the pink jacket when I want to dress more smartly.  Handy for presentations and looking a bit more business like.

*Update: the grey trousers really are too snug, so I shall be shortening the grey pinstripe trousers to wear with flat sandals.


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