Studio Spring Clean

I have been Spring Cleaning my Studio.  Having visited a neighbour who has a dedicated studio building for her work, I was feeling frustrated with my space which doubles as the guest bedroom.  It is a lovely big room, which I manage to fill with creative clutter.  Having been thinking about a conversation with the same neighbour about limitations giving us freedom and too much freedom limiting our creativity.  I have decided to be grateful for the space I have and make better use of it.

It’s amazing how much better it feels, with a bit of a destash, a clean and a move round.

I need a bigger work surface for painting and drawing.  I am doing more of that than sewing these days, and it will save the dining room table from more crimson ink disasters.  I worked out that if I dismantle the industrial sewing machine (which gets used once in a blue moon) I can get a work surface on the base creating a good work space.  The Industrial machine has been moved and that means I have a more comfortable space for the ironing board too.  The little Formica sewing table now sits under the window and is easily moved if the spare bed is needed for guests.  Just need DH to make the top for me (he’s not working next week :0)).  Looks as if it’s about time I got some pictures on the wall,  Oh and I want a big white inspiration/project board too. bags of fabric

As you can see I have quite a fabric hoard, this has been sorted into bags: (from top left)

  • larger pieces for bag workshops and ties for upcycling workshop
  • silk and silky
  • white and cream and interfacing
  • wool
  • felt and organza
  • linen
  • cotton (including shirts to convert to cushions)
  • velvet (I love velvet)
  • selected fabrics for a project idea
  • linen and cotton trousers for a rag rug
  • linen

I also have a stack in the hall cupboard including half a dozen men’s jackets to upcycle, more jeans and a few larger pieces of fabric.

fabric pile


Looks as if I’d better get started on some more sewing soon!

2 thoughts on “Studio Spring Clean

  1. Yep, it’s that time of year isn’t it? Time to get rid of some of the excess clutter that is taking over my sewing room. Too many projects at the same time. Plus, when I get in a hurry it’s easy just to toss something in and close the door! You have inspired me!

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