Charity Shop Bargains

Four items from four different charity shops.  I discovered the Red Cross Shop on Chapel Lane on Barton Bike Night.  I’ve lived here 17 months and I never knew it was there!

The green dress was £3.50 I didn’t even try it on, loved the colour and thought it would fit ok.  Actually it is too short.  My plan is to shorten the sleeves and use the excess to create a band to lengthen the dress.

The grey jumper was 50p I thought I’d cut it up and use as felt, but it actually fits me, so I am considering some mock visible mending to brighten it up a bit, being lambs wool, it will make a nice warm layer.

The linen skirt is like new, was £2 and it actually fits – except it is floor length on me.  I might cut it off to knee length and brighten it up with dye and embroidery?

The mans 60% wool suit was a real bargain at just £2, half price in the Salvation Army shop as they are shutting for refurbishment.  That is going be upcycled into some lovely waistcoats.

Did you get any good bargains this week?


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