Holiday Wardrobe Reality

I still have romantic notions about what I will wear on holiday.  The reality is that we do lots of walking during the day, so I wear walking boots, and walking kit.  By the time we go to the pub later, I am often still in walking kit.  Some of the time I did manage to get a shower and change my silk vest top and cream jacket, worn with cropped jeans as it was really rather warm.

I packed:

Cropped Jeans

Jeans and belt (worn once in the evening)

2 long sleeve tee shirts (not worn)

cream linen jacket

burgandy silk vest

lilac silk scarf

patchwork fabric bag

Walking Sandals

Walking Boots

Walking trousers

long sleeve walking top

short sleeve walking tee shirt

Zip through fleecy

Scruffy pale green vest top (instead of grey wool tee shirt)

by a Scottish Loch

I had washed my grey wool tee shirt (at 30 degrees as usual) and it shrank!  There was no alternative in my wardrobe expect my pale green vest top, which is a bit faded.  It got worn a lot on holiday, so I really must find a replacement for next summer.  While we were in Scotland we did visit Cotswold Outdoor and I admired the merino wool tops by Icebreaker  and I like their ethics.

How did you holiday wardrobe work out?


2 thoughts on “Holiday Wardrobe Reality

  1. Go for the Icebreaker (sadly sooooo expensive) but I find you can wear them several days on the trot without nasty miffs and I have been brave and washed them at 40 degrees and they have survived. It is so annoying to lug something around that you don’t wear.

  2. Wow I checked out the Icebreaker site and was sooo impressed with how they have worked so hard to keep their products/company environmentally sound…. love the demo on how the sweater bio-degrades after only 6 months. Amazing company. Thanks for sharing.

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