Autumn and Winter Capsule Wardrobe 2014

There have been some casualties, my favourite pink merino wool jumper has shrunk!  I am reduced to wearing the lovely charcoal grey merino wool jumper, bought second hand for my son, which I also managed to shrink.  At least it fits me, even if any sense of style I might have had, seems gone, when wearing it, resurrected slightly by wearing my pretty lilac silk scarf.

When I got my autumn clothes out and laid them on the bed, I thought oh dear, that all looks rather dull, lots of navy, some grey and a splash of cerise.  Of course once I got my scarves out, it all looked a lot more cheerful.

The other casualty was the shrinking of the Zara wool tee shirt, completely unwearable.  I now have quite a selection of ‘felt’ ready for a tea cosy project, when I get time.  This left me rather short of tops.  I only had 3, the navy long sleeve, the grey long sleeve and the jade thermal long sleeved (jade doesn’t really go with much either) A charity shop search produced a mint green 3/4 length sleeve Noa Noa tee shirt and I succumbed to a brand new M&S long sleeved thermal in grey.  Here are some old photos of things still in my wardrobe.  next post will be the full list of the capsule wardrobe I have been wearing this autumn.

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