What happens to the clothes we take to the charity shop?

While preparing my talk for the local WI I had a look back at my wardrobe de-cluttering post from January 2013 and realised, that I have learnt more about recycling clothes and what happens to the clothes we send to the charity shop since then.  Where do you think those clothes go to once you have dropped them off at your local charity shop?  Last year I watched an interesting  television programme called The Secret Life of Your Clothes

Ade explained that only 10% of the clothing donated in the UK and that vast quantities of our castoffs are sold through the ‘rag trade’ on to dealers in Africa, as well as Eastern Europe and Asia.  Ade followed this trade into Ghana and met a market trader who deals in shirts, favouring Marks and Spencer and other quality brands.  At the end of the chain people rely on the little they can make from selling the clothes in villages to survive.

It really is time we started to consider buying better quality clothing that will stay in our wardrobes longer, and be valued, repaired and even re-modeled.  Fortunately there are an increasing number of British Brands who are ready to supply us, such as Stella and Alf with their beautifully simple clothing.

body con skirt by Stella and Alf

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