Packing for Paris

Just been to Paris for a few days, visiting Premier Vision and generally being cultural with my fellow Textile Students.

My main worry with packing from such a small wardrobe, was what will be left to wear the two days before I go!  Fortunately there is a skirt, jeans and a tee shirt left!

This is when your capsule wardrobe really comes into it own.  The only difficulty I had was whether to take my cerise skirt or denim.  Decided, by wanting to take my cosy handknit cardigan, which doesn’t go with the cerise skirt.  Yes, my wardrobe isn’t perfect!  I wonder what I will actually wear?  Here is the list:

  1. Navy trousers
  2. denim skirt
  3. navy dress
  4. long navy cardigan
  5. navy jacket
  6. Beige Mac (I can get more layers under it than my coat)
  7. grey long sleeved tee shirt
  8. burgandy long sleeve tee shirt
  9. navy long sleeve tee shirt
  10. silk vest
  11. silk long sleeved cardigan (not officially in my winter wardrobe)
  12. scarves: favourite warm one and pink vintage
  13. black short boots

I would also take my brown leather boots, but they are coming adrift from the soles again (glued by cobbler in November) and I don’t want to risk them coming apart in the middle of Paris!  I’ve been looking for a pair of shoes but not found anything comfortable yet.

What would you pack for a 4 day trip?  Do you think I will wear everything?

Update:  I didn’t wear my long navy cardigan or the silk long sleeved cardigan, could have left them at home!

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