6 items challenge?

Last year I joined the 6 items challenge, wearing just 6 items from my wardrobe for 6 weeks.  This really was a challenge for me, I didn’t include my jeans and really missed them.  Also the wear and tear on my denim skirt was noticeable.

What I actually wear week to week this time of year is:

  1. denim skirt
  2. cerise linen skirt
  3. long navy cardigan
  4. hand knitted purple cardigan
  5. burgandy long sleeve tee shirt
  6. navy long sleeve tee shirt
  7. grey long sleeve tee shirt
  8. navy jacket
  9. jeans
  10. a dress

Until recently I have had no dress, I decided the Nomad one really was a bit too short.  This has been rectified by making my new blue cotton jersey dress.  The navy jacket only gets worn occasionally, usually with jeans at the weekend.  If I manage without them,  I only need to loose 2 more.  I can do without 1 of the tee shirts, but which cardigan?  only the navy really goes with my new dress, but I prefer the purple handknit with my denim skirt hmmmm…

I was seriously considering opting out this year, as I missed wearing my Navy jacket last year, it only gets worn Spring and Autumn.  I had a re-think and will try to manage without jeans again!

Here’s my final list:

  1. Dress
  2. Navy jacket
  3. Purple cardigan
  4. Denim skirt
  5. Grey long sleeve tee shirt
  6. Burgandy long sleeve tee shirt

Want to join me?

You can find more info or sponsor my Fashion Fast and help those people who make our clothes over at Six Items Challenge


One thought on “6 items challenge?

  1. I love the idea to people that they really don’t need to buy so many clothes and to make them re-asess how pieces in their wardrobe work together but what about when the clothes get dirty? I’m fairly clumsy, I eat frequently and I wear foundation so I’d look like a total tramp after six weeks! I think your outfit combo’s look fab though :o)

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