Summer Capsule Wardrobe Planning 2015

Well here we are again planning what to wear this summer.  I took a look back at last summer’s wardrobe and noticed a few things that have gone to the charity shop since then.  The black patent shoes, which really didn’t fit, the grey pinstripe trousers, that were a bit too wide legged for me to wear without heels, the cream and grey striped linen skirt, replaced with the Hobbs cerise one last August and the Zara wool tee shirt which sadly shrank so much in the wash I can’t wear it (this is in the shrunk wool pile – possible tea cosy project?)

here’s some of my summer clothes (ones I could find photos for) Lots to work with, I’ve pulled stuff out of my summer box and am going to do some ironing and trying outfits this week…this is a post I neglected to publish as I have been busy with university work.  Today I handed in the essay, other written work and the whole of my Suited and Booted Project (this will be featured on my new Blog soon)  It was a warm day, so in celebration, it will be the last day of wearing my navy wool jacket.  Time to get into Summer.  I have been wearing the blue dress, cerise skirt, linen cardigan and of course my mac.


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